Ergonomic design solutions for commercial shops and residential kitchens

Five Es

E-PICK DESIGN combines ergonomic design solutions for residential kitchens and commercial shops that will be constructed with the following critical PICK priorities of five Es in mind:

• Ergonomics of practical design
• Environmental consideration
• Energy-saving rates
• Economical solutions
• Effective delivery and installations, as well as ongoing monitoring.

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Our E-PICK solution is a Cloud-based easy-to-use Mobile Application that can help you with your kitchen planning or small coffee/tea shop operation while it runs smoothly on your mobile device.

Commercial Projects

“Feel like home” is much easier to sustain in a small private setting. Combined with an expensive lease space options, our design can bring coffee/tea shops owners the unbeatable solution, also implementing ergonomics and energy-saving options, which will help them to sustain their operations.

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Residential Projects

Nowadays the kitchen — unlike most other rooms in the home — is a workplace. The job of preparing, serving, and cleaning up after meals gets done there. Making that environment to fit you is the most critical factor in your satisfaction with your kitchen. Check out our solution for that!

E-PICK in motion

You’ll be guided safely through our virtual design planner. You have many planning options here to ensure that your dream kitchen becomes a reality. The innovative proprietary features of our software allow you to take a picture from any magazine or any other places and scale it to your floor plan.