How E-PICK works

A kitchen remodeling project can be overwhelming!

You might use lots of resources available to get inspiration, including kitchen design blogs or magazines, but still, find it challenging to visualize your project.

E-PICK is a great place to start before you seek out the support of professional contractors. The tool will begin planning your new kitchen right from the home, using an Augmented Reality experience to render overlays of computer-generated enhancements on top of “real“ camera-captured imagery, along with Artificial Intelligence to optimize your search and provide the best solutions based on your requirements.

Once the floor plan is in our system, all the software features are available to make your design process more effective and rapid. We aim to always bring you the most user-friendly experience of creating the most comfortable, accessible, and beautiful floor plans and home designs on the market.

There are several challenges our customers mentioned before trying our platform:

• cliché residential kitchens that don’t work for everyone;
• lack of space for a wheelchair and bad accessibility;
• minimalistic and outdated kitchen design.

Now with a few design changes and careful product selection, you can easily create a kitchen with dimensions tailored to your needs. So, how it works?

These are simple steps to get closer to your dream kitchen:

Step 1:

You can make your kitchen dream come true with the versatile selection of kitchen furniture: there is an extensive selection of designs, colors, and kitchen materials. Then you can position the camera to view and print your kitchen design. Also, a view from above is possible taking you to the so-called bird’s eye view.

If you happen to find a desired kitchen in the magazine, all you need to do is to scan the picture and our proprietary algorithms will guide you through the list of manufactures and similar design options available in your area.

Step 2:

As applied to kitchens, ergonomics looks at the way a kitchen should be designed to optimize movement during meal preparation and cleanup, and minimize the stress on the human body while performing everyday kitchen activities. We are not going to alter the body to fit the environment. But to make work more efficient, we have to alter the environment to fit human movement. We want to minimize movement — eliminating or at least reducing the amount of walking, twisting, lifting, bending, stretching, and leaning required to complete a task — and make the kitchen usable by all of the individuals in your particular household.

Step 3:

Every aspect of kitchen appliances design is being given a new, hard look, from energy-saving and cost-effective options to the optimum placement of the microwave, fridge, stove, and dishwasher, from the utility of natural light use and to the best depth of the kitchen sink. Once the optimal selection is made by the E-PICK App, you will be given the final design set to implementation.

Step 4:

We provide the list of dealers in your area so you can make an appointment with one or request an offer for your kitchen planning and installation.

Step 5:

Upon completion, you scan the kitchen area to set up the optimal use mode on our E-PICK App on your phone. It will assist you in running your kitchen most effectively, considering energy consumption picks in your area, recommended time, and duration of usage for various appliances.